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New PowerShortShell Stealer Exploits Recent Microsoft MSHTML Vulnerability to Spy on Farsi Speakers

"SafeBreach Labs discovered a new Iranian threat actor using a Microsoft MSHTML Remote Code Execution (RCE) exploit for infecting Farsi-speaking victims with a new PowerShell stealer. The threat actor initiated the attack in mid-September 2021, and it was first reported by ShadowChasing[1] on Twitter. However, the PowerShell Stealer hash/code was not published and was not included in VirusTotal or other public malware repositories.

SafeBreach Labs analyzed the full attack chain, discovered new phishing attacks which started in July this year and achieved the last and most interesting piece of the puzzle - the PowerShell Stealer code - which we named PowerShortShell. The reason we chose this name is due to the fact that the stealer is a PowerShell script, short with powerful collection capabilities - in only ~150 lines, it provides the adversary a lot of critical information including screen captures, telegram files, document collection, and extensive data about the victim’s environment."



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