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New Tufin CEO Shares How the Company is Positioned to Help Secure the Move to Hybrid Cloud

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Boston-based network security policy automation company Tufin recently announced a new CEO. Ray Brancato takes over the CEO role for Ruvi Kitov, who founded the company and led it for the past 19 years. Ray previously served as the CRO at Tufin, and Ruvi will be staying on the company Board of Directors.

Raymond Brancato

We had the opportunity to sit down with Ray Brancato, CEO, Tufin, to learn more about his vision for the company, his perspective on the network security landscape, and how Tufin is positioned to help secure organizations making the transition to the hybrid cloud. From your perspective, what makes Tufin stand out in the market? What makes you excited to lead the company? Tufin is a market leader in security policy automation. We excel when it comes to automation and visibility across massive, complex enterprises. We centralize the design, management, and monitoring of segmentation policies, automating network access changes, and delivering holistic network risk awareness, even for organizations managing 250 million routes – whether it is on-prem or cloud environments. I’m excited to lead the company because of its unique and special culture. I was drawn to join this company two years ago as the Chief Revenue Officer for that reason, and intend to preserve the supportive, passionate culture that is Tufin. How does your background position you for success as the CEO of Tufin? I was Chief Revenue Officer at Tufin for two years, working closely with leadership across all functions to effectively collaborate and drive our business to achieve 2 record years of performance. Before that I was CRO at AnyVision (now Oosto), an Israeli AI company, and for the decade prior, I held executive positions at CA Technologies. As General Manager of Business Unit Sales across 8 business units at CA, I worked cross-functionally with R&D, Product, Marketing, and Finance to build a cohesive global strategy and execution framework. What short-term opportunities do you see for Tufin? I see several significant opportunities in the short term:

  • Our customers are migrating to the hybrid cloud, and we are in the best position to help them do that. We’re doubling down on our strengths – automating network and cloud connectivity – and expanding on those strengths across the major platforms.

  • In an uncertain economy, market leaders win. Our strength in automation and visibility, combined with our market leadership position is something that will be a huge benefit to us in the next 12-18 months

  • Continue our transformation into a modern data-driven business"

How do you see the firewall and network security market evolving in 2023? Firewalls aren’t going away, and networks are only getting more complex, especially as organizations adopt the hybrid cloud, SD-WAN, and SASE. Network and cloud security policy management solutions are now being widely adopted and organizations have realized 1) that their environments are too fragmented and changing so rapidly that they have no choice but to abstract that complexity, and 2) there are dramatic savings, in cost and time, when companies extract the full value out of a solution like Tufin. Even if an organization adopts a single firewall vendor across their on-premises and cloud environments, there is still tremendous value from a continuous compliance automation and monitoring perspective, because of the holistic visibility solutions like Tufin can deliver. ###


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