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Newly Appointed Cyberpion CEO Marc Gaffan Shares Vision for Attack Surface Management Company

Cyberpion recently announced its new CEO, Marc Gaffan, who will lead the company through its next phase of growth. Most recently, Gaffan was CEO of Hysolate, an endpoint security startup that was acquired by PerceptionPoint. Gaffan also served as co-founder and CEO of Incapsula, a global cloud application delivery service that was acquired by Imperva. We had the opportunity to sit down with Marc to learn more about his vision for Cyberpion and the external attack surface management (EASM) industry - as both are evolving at a rapid pace.

Marc Gaffan

Congratulations on your new role. From your perspective, what makes Cyberpion stand out in the market?

Cyberpion has found the ideal balance between affording organizations complete visibility of their entire attack surface and focusing their security teams on what is most urgent and important. This simple balance unpacks very sophisticated and deep technology that has taken years to perfect. Through our unique discovery capabilities that detect up to 50% more assets than other solutions and consideration for an organization’s third-party dependencies (their “digital supply chain”), Cyberpion enables a true 360-degree risk assessment of an organization’s attack surface.

What makes you excited to lead the company?

The Attack Surface Management space is heating up very fast after just being defined by the analyst community two years ago. I have a strong passion for competing, it usually brings out the best performance in people. I am very bullish about our technology and our ability to compete effectively in this space. Together with our Founder and CTO, Nethanel Gelernter, and the rest of the very strong team that is in place, I believe that we are poised to take an nfair share of this market.

How does your background position you for success as the CEO of Cyberpion?

Throughout my career, I have always thrived the most with early-stage startups that have gone on to scale. The challenge of constantly refining product-market fit and discovering ways to optimize how the company can streamline its operations are the things that I enjoy most. Cyberpion is at exactly that stage at the moment, in which it has proven a very good product-market fit and now needs to refine things as we move into the scale period of the company.

What short-term opportunities do you see for Cyberpion?

The Attack Surface Management space is starting to heat up in a significant way. The short-term opportunities for Cyberpion are to: a) Establish our position as a leader in this space in which we can differentiate based on the merit of our technology and b) Get the market to subscribe to our view that organizations’ attack surfaces are not only comprised of the assets that they own and control but, to a large extent, also the digital supply chain that they are reliant on. We have proven that by using Cyberpion organizations can fully understand the risk that the digital supply chain presents to their attack surface and can take effective actions to remediate and reduce that risk.

How do you see the attack surface management market evolving in 2023?

I foresee 2023 as a breakout year for the Attack Surface Management space as it moves from an early adopter's category to a more broadly adopted solution. This is the year in which 3-4 solutions will emerge as the leaders in this space and they will break away from the pack in market penetration. I also foresee more managed service providers starting to offer such solutions to medium and smaller enterprises who are typically more reliant on such providers to consume new solutions. ###


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