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Nordpass Introduces a Passkey Management Solution for a Passwordless Future

NordPass, a password management company created by the VPN provider NordVPN, has announced a new solution called NordPass Passkeys, which allows users to store, autofill, and share passkeys from various websites. With Microsoft, Apple, and Google leading the way in passkey authentication, NordPass aims to help internet users adapt to this market change while maintaining security and convenience. NordPass Passkeys are available on the desktop app, web vault, and Firefox and Chrome-based browser extensions, with Safari and mobile support coming later this year. Additionally, NordPass plans to introduce passwordless sign-in and provide solutions to help online businesses and service providers integrate passkey authentication support.

Passkeys are considered the most secure and promising alternative to passwords and have already been adopted by companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Google, Paypal, eBay, and KAYAK. When joining a website that supports passkeys, a pair of related keys (public and private) is generated by the user's device. The private key is saved on the device, and the public key is stored on the website's server. Without each other, they are useless. Passkeys are superior to passwords because they are randomly generated, unique, and long combinations of characters that are not meant to be remembered by heart.

Poor password habits remain an issue, with the world's most common password being "password" and cybersecurity experts looking for new online authentication solutions. NordPass aims to provide a passwordless future for users by creating future-proof features to help clients easily manage their digital accounts. Passkeys saved on a server are less valuable to hackers since they work only in pairs with private keys saved on a device, and NordPass is committed to providing solutions that maintain both security and convenience for its users.



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