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Oliver Tavakoli, Vectra AI: Deperimeterization of the Network Finally Comes in 2021

This is part of an ongoing 2021 predictions series. We’ve asked top cyber experts to contribute their insights and expertise to provide a look ahead at what the new year may bring to cybersecurity.

Oliver Tavakoli, CTO at Vectra AI:

“The next big thing in security for 2021 will be the inversion of the corporate network. It used to be that everything truly important was kept on-premise and a small number of holes were poked into the protective fabric to allow outbound communications. 2021 is the year where deperimeterization of the network (which has been long predicted) finally happens and does so with a vengeance. The leading indicator for this is companies who are ditching AD (on-premise legacy architecture) and moving all their identities to Azure AD (modern cloud-enabled technology).

One of the top things businesses can do to prepare for 2021 is invest in EDR and Zero Trust, if they haven’t already done so. And think about where your important data is (it is likely in many clouds and apps) and how good your team is at ferreting out attackers from all these places before they do you substantial harm - Network Detection and Response (NDR) can provide coverage on this front.”



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