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OpenText Survey Reveals AI-Driven Security Services as Key Growth Driver for MSPs and MSSPs

OpenText has released its annual OpenText Cybersecurity Global Managed Security Survey, highlighting the significant role of AI-led security and threat intelligence services in driving business growth for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs). The 2024 survey, which gathered insights from over 1,500 MSPs and MSSPs, found that 92.5% of respondents see increasing AI-led security services as a major growth driver over the next 12 months.

Despite the surge in interest in AI technologies, the survey emphasizes the continued importance of comprehensive security and adaptable on-demand expertise, which remain primary reasons enterprise and SMB customers turn to MSPs and MSSPs.

"Amid the growing excitement and interest in AI technologies, it’s crucial not to overlook the foundational need for composable security which provides the ability to adapt to changing security needs," said Prentiss Donohue, Executive Vice President, OpenText Cybersecurity. "MSPs and MSSPs play a critical role in safeguarding their customers’ sensitive data. As cyber threats escalate, our partners are prioritizing security and integrating AI-powered threat intelligence services into their offerings. This ensures our end customers can reap the benefits of AI technology without compromising security."

Key Findings from the Survey

The survey revealed several critical insights into the priorities and challenges faced by MSPs and MSSPs:

  • AI Investment and Services: In 2024, 92.5% of respondents reported that AI investment and the provision of AI security services to track threats and vulnerabilities are the main drivers of business growth. Over 80% of respondents currently offer these AI-related services, with 62% of those not yet offering them planning to do so within the next year.

  • Shift in Customer Priorities: Expertise in security and AI has overtaken contract flexibility as the most sought-after qualities in MSPs and MSSPs. The demand for comprehensive security increased by more than 10% in 2024, with more than a quarter (27%) of customers preferring to have a single vendor for all security solutions, a 10% increase from the previous year.

  • AI Integration Challenges and Opportunities: The incorporation of AI into security is both a significant challenge and a major business opportunity. More than three-quarters (83%) of MSPs and MSSPs have experienced increased business due to interest in AI security tools and expertise. Additionally, 34% of respondents identified the integration of AI into security as the biggest challenge they are helping their customers to solve.

  • Augmenting Security Teams: The top benefit of incorporating AI into customers' security programs is to enhance the skills of security personnel and platforms, rather than replacing human workers. This approach aims to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of security teams and tools.


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