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Orca Security Enhances Cloud-Native Infrastructure Defense with New Digital Forensics and Incident Response Services

Orca Security, a frontrunner in agentless cloud security, has announced a significant expansion of its capabilities through a partnership with ModePUSH. This collaboration introduces cloud digital forensics and incident response services, now generally available to organizations utilizing the Orca Cloud Native Application Protection Platform. These new services are designed to enable rapid investigation and response to attacks within cloud-native infrastructures.

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, securing extensive cloud environments—encompassing infrastructure, data, storage, workloads, applications, and APIs—is increasingly complex. Orca Security's 2024 State of Cloud Security report highlights this challenge, noting that 81% of organizations have public-facing neglected assets with open ports and 82% have publicly accessible Kubernetes API servers.

Gil Geron, CEO and co-founder of Orca Security, emphasized the critical need for enhanced cloud security measures. “More organizations not only use multiple cloud service providers but also more advanced capabilities from each provider, which make cloud estates more complex than ever,” said Geron. “Our mission is to provide cloud security teams with unmatched visibility into a chain of risk factors to improve their cloud security posture. With our latest platform enhancements and partnership with ModePUSH, we can now help organizations quickly understand breaches or compromises across their cloud control plane and application layers.” The Orca Cloud Native Application Protection Platform leverages integrated Cloud Detection and Response (CDR) capabilities. It combines data from SideScanning snapshots with cloud provider audit logs and third-party agents to detect suspicious activities, potential compromises, or advanced threats. Additionally, the platform’s forensic snapshots feature enables security and incident response teams to quickly generate usable forensic images of workloads, streamlining the response process without the need for extensive coordination with other teams or external processes.

Ben Harel, Co-Founder of ModePUSH, highlighted the benefits of the partnership with Orca Security. “At ModePUSH, we recognize the dynamic and sprawling attack surface of cloud environments. In partnering with Orca Security, a leader in cloud security and visibility, we can now rapidly aid security and incident response teams with better visibility, data, and cloud telemetry than ever before when called to investigate breaches,” said Harel.

This strategic alliance between Orca Security and ModePUSH represents a pivotal advancement in cloud-native security, offering organizations essential tools to swiftly address and mitigate cybersecurity incidents in complex cloud environments.


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