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Orca Security: What Is The Cyber Industry Missing?

This is part of a running series where we ask cyber leaders about the assumptions and mistakes that enterprises keep making in cybersecurity and how the industry can address them to mitigate irreparable reputation damage, compliance fines and mass-scale breaches.

Avi Shua, CEO and Co-Founder, Orca Security

"In a world where cybersecurity reaches top headlines every day and tops the worries of global CEOs more than a recession, everyone is in search of a shiny silver bullet that will “fix cybersecurity”. Vendors are touting next-generation, AI, deep learning, genetic-inspired, battle-tested tools that will solve cybersecurity woes. But is there truly a shiny silver bullet answer? Not exactly – the reality is quite different. Cybersecurity is a journey and is there is no quick fix.

Good cybersecurity hygiene requires a combination of technology, education, and business processes. Cybersecurity leaders need to understand the business model and analyze their risk posture, and initiate projects to reduce the risks while maintaining them. The cost of these projects will be more than money for tools - but also organizational effort to improve cyber hygiene, but this is the only way."



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