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Pathlock CEO Discusses New $20M Funding, Mission to Enable Zero Trust Across Apps and Infrastructure

Pathlock, formerly Greenlight Technologies, the leading provider of unified access orchestration, announced this week the closing of a strategic $20M growth investment by Vertica Capital Partners. In conjunction with securing this new funding, the company is rebranding from Greenlight Technologies to Pathlock. The new brand aligns to the company’s focus on the emerging market opportunity for access orchestration. In addition, several notable security and infrastructure software veterans will be joining the Pathlock leadership team and board.

We sat down with Pathlock Founder & CEO Anand Adya to discuss the company's mission and their aspirations for 2021.

Congratulations on the funding and the rebrand. Can you share what Pathlock's mission is?

Pathlock's mission is to protect today's digital enterprises by securing the critical applications that businesses depend on. We aim to make Zero Trust a reality by providing an easy to deploy, unified solution that can provide 360-degree protection to any application in the enterprise landscape. Whether companies are looking to comply with SOX, GDPR, CCPA, or HIPAA, Pathlock's flexible platform can provide security and peace of mind that financial, customer, and consumer data is always protected.

What critical security problems does Pathlock aim to solve and how?

Pathlock aims to reduce the noise and confusion that is commonplace in the security world through an easy to deploy platform, which can scale across various applications and use cases to solve common business challenges such as:

  • Understanding what users have access to what systems, and what they can do with it

  • Granting the least privilege access needed, just in time, for users

  • Monitoring what users do with the access they have been granting

  • Knowing what sensitive data resides in your systems

  • Identifying suspicious behavior within your critical systems

  • Orchestrating an automated or human supported response to realized and potential threats

What are your aspirations for the company in 2021? In 2021, our focus resides in 3 main areas:

  • Launching the next generation platform to enable unified access orchestration, supporting the Zero Trust security model

  • Evangelizing the Path to Zero Trust, making this vision achievable for every enterprise, by protecting the critical applications in the IT landscape

  • Continuing to build a team of security industry veterans and experts, with many exciting announcements to come

For more information on Pathlock, please visit their website:



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