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Product Spotlight: CloudSphere Cloud Governance Platform

CloudSphere’s flagship Cloud Management Platform enables enterprises and cloud service providers to simplify and optimize cloud management and governance. CloudSphere’s multicloud solutions use a unique application centric approach to allow users to see beyond individual cloud resources and manage entire applications in the cloud. CloudSphere allows customers to control cloud security risks and ensure compliance in complex hybrid and multi-cloud deployments. With CloudSphere, customers can:

  • Minimize the cloud’s attack surface with comprehensive security controls that monitor and control security status in real-time.

  • Track who has access to critical cloud-based assets with dashboard diagrams visualizing access paths that provides insights into users and attached policies and permissions.

  • Remediate identity and access management (IAM) problems before they can be exploited with auto-remediation and assisted-remediation capabilities.

  • Regain and maintain control in multi-cloud environments with policy consistency for access privileges to key cloud assets.

Who It's Intended For:

  • Security and compliance teams at global enterprises across industry segments including telecommunications, software, finance, insurance, healthcare, construction and education.

Key Differentiators:

  • CloudSphere’s agentless application discovery and dependency mapping solution allows practitioners to have a much more intuitive and logical view of cloud security and identity. . While most competitors simply look at the individual cloud resource level, CloudSphere’s agentless approach simplifies cloud landscape monitoring by sorting individual resources into application groups and automating the tagging to add much-needed context to security posture monitoring. It is the only platform with Application Intelligence that allows customers to manage security on a per-application basis in the cloud.

  • CloudSphere allows customers to control cloud security risks and ensure compliance in complex multicloud deployments with real-time visibility, continuous configuration monitoring, and user-controlled auto-remediation capabilities, all at the application level. The solution minimizes the attack surface in the cloud with a comprehensive set of security controls that complement the cloud provider tools to successfully navigate public cloud shared security models. With CloudSphere, customers receive real-time security and compliance status monitoring and control, including immediate alerts to any issues that may need attention with leading ticketing systems like ServiceNow and Jira.

  • CloudSphere further differentiates itself as a single platform and user experience for cloud governance across all cloud providers to dramatically reduce the number of tools required for multicloud security. Delivered as a SaaS, the CloudSphere platform integrates quickly and easily to deploy across all common cloud environments.



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