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Qrypt Launches Quantum-Secure Encryption Technologies for NVIDIA BlueField-3 DPUs

Qrypt, a leading quantum-secure encryption company, has announced the launch of its groundbreaking Quantum Entropy and Quantum Secure Key Generation technologies. These innovations enable AI workloads using NVIDIA BlueField-3 Data Processing Units (DPUs) to be transmitted using quantum-secure encryption, offering enhanced protection against the potential threats posed by quantum computing to current cryptographic methods.

Traditionally, NVIDIA BlueField has utilized IPsec for establishing encrypted connections between AI clusters, relying on conventional encryption methods that may be susceptible to quantum attacks. Qrypt's technology seamlessly integrates into IPsec, managing key generation and establishment without the need for public key infrastructure to transmit keys. With Qrypt's quantum-secure BLAST protocol, BlueField-3 DPUs can generate a symmetric encryption key for both the sender and receiver simultaneously, thereby eliminating key transmission and establishing a quantum-secure channel.

Qrypt's solution leverages true quantum random entropy to generate all key materials, utilizing technologies developed through an exclusive partnership with U.S. National Laboratories. This approach ensures the highest-quality encryption keys for securing AI clusters, with the keys never being transmitted across the network.

Denis Mandich, co-founder and chief technology officer at Qrypt, highlighted the significance of their technology, stating, "Our technology represents a paradigm shift, leveraging novel virtualization and distributed cryptographic architecture to eliminate any single point of failure. We are excited to work with NVIDIA to help further our commitment to secure communications and sensitive data."

Ash Bhalgat, senior director of cloud, telco, and cybersecurity market development at NVIDIA, emphasized the importance of their collaboration, saying, "NVIDIA BlueField DPUs are critical for securing the data-in-motion used for both AI training and inference. Our collaboration with Qrypt enables next-generation cybersecurity technologies for secure and accelerated communication within the generative AI foundries."

Qrypt's Quantum Secure Encryption generates one-time pads and symmetric keys at multiple endpoints, providing encryption that is mathematically designed to be unbreakable. This solution addresses the "harvest now, decrypt later" vulnerability by eliminating key transmissions and protecting the process using independently generated keys. As a member of NVIDIA Inception, Qrypt continues to receive support and assistance in bringing its innovative cryptographic solutions to the market, ensuring the long-term security of sensitive data and communications in the face of evolving quantum threats.


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