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Red Access Emerges from Stealth to Secure Every Web Session Across any Browser, App and Device

Secure browsing innovator Red Access recently emerged from stealth with a $6M Seed round, jointly led by Elron Ventures and Ten Eleven Ventures. The Israeli startup has introduced a new generation of secure browsing solutions that is both comprehensive and seamless — securing every session, across any browser without disrupting the user experience, while providing SaaS-driven ease of management.

Already in deployment and now commercially available, the Red Access platform provides superior protection from modern cyber threats without the need to install any endpoint agent or modify work habits.

We spoke with Red Access CEO Dor Zvi to discuss the company's mission and goals for the near-term future.

What is the mission of the company?

Red Access is building a world where everyone can securely use & access any web application and browser, from any device or platform, with a seamless user experience and without disrupting companies’ existing infrastructures. The company’s mission is to make every web session secure.

What challenges are you solving?

As remote work is expanding, more employees depend on their personal untrusted devices and SaaS tools accessed through web sessions to complete their work. This trend has become known as the “browserization” of modern app architecture. As these behaviors and “browserization” accelerate, insecure web sessions as a threat vector have become of increasing concern for CISOs and security departments. Correspondingly, the landscape of companies providing secure web session solutions has been growing more active. Various companies have emerged with different approaches to the problem, including Secure Web Gateway providers (SWG), secure access service edge (SASE) providers, browser isolation providers, and secure enterprise browser providers. Despite emerging options, vendors have struggled to find the right mix of user experience and security to enable a safe and successful web session.

The latency and delay issues of these products are known for regularly frustrating users. New “enterprise browser” solutions require users to download new technology and change their behavior, forcing them to move away from browsers they already like. Employees do not want to sacrifice their preferred browser, which is already integrated with plugins, connected accessories, and saved passwords in favor of enhanced security. At the same time, admins do not want to go through the hassle of installing and managing yet another endpoint agent.

At Red Access, we have created a truly innovative approach to web security’s biggest challenge – the rapidly expanding web attack surface. Our “BYOB” – or Bring Your Own Browser – approach enables a seamless integration to any browser for any web session, at any time. In fact, Red Access’ platform protects users from potential malware and other threats by monitoring the network's traffic without redirecting browsing to a cloud-based host. It combines multi-layered analysis (including cloud and endpoint inspection), agentless design, and single-click management to empower any company to easily secure every browsing web app session, without having to force new work habits, adopt new hardware, or bolt on additional layers to existing solutions.

With Red Access, users cannot tell the difference - it is business as usual for them, but without the risk. This leaves security teams feeling relieved they have a comprehensive way of addressing insecure browsing.

What are your goals after a successful launch?

In conjunction with our launch from stealth, we are announcing a $6M Seed round, jointly led by Elron Ventures and Ten Eleven Ventures. We will use the funds from this round to expand operations and continue to build customer growth and strategic partnerships. We are also actively recruiting for positions across marketing, sales worldwide and R&D in Tel Aviv.

What can the market expect from Red Access?

Following our launch from stealth and Seed round of funding, we are focusing first on our customers in small, mid and enterprise segments where web security is critical. This includes financial institutions, healthcare, insurance and government. Next, we plan to work with channels and existing ecosystems to provide deeper integrations and pursue partnerships that will better enable our customers a seamless user experience.



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