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RSAC Insights: Mike Kiser, Senior Identity Strategist, SailPoint

This is part of an ongoing executive guest blog series -- focused on top trends for RSAC 2020.

Mike Kiser, Senior Identity Strategist, SailPoint

“Over the last year, the security industry has begun to realize that they cannot lose sight of the people who use (and are affected by) the solutions that they provide. While past years have emphasized the next “solution” to endemic issues of protecting data, applications, and their resources, this year RSAC will see a new emphasis on a person-first mindset. This will play out in a few key ways:

Respect for the User

The last year or two has reawakened interest in architectural approaches such as Zero Trust. Practitioners are starting to realize that any security design is doomed to failure if it’s not adopted by the user. This will manifest itself in a shift from blaming users as the primary source of failure to a different path — one that seeks to encourage human engagement and prioritizes ease-of-use as a key design requirement.

Privacy in the Ascendancy

As news reports of breaches and identities being compromised continue to spiral upwards, privacy is also increasing in importance. The default consumer now thinks about their digital presence with a new emphasis on retaining the rights to how their data is used (or resold.) The GDPR, CCPA, and other pending legislation is a lagging indicator for this trend; RSAC will see practical ways for solutions to be architected with privacy in mind — with some of the newer startups present at the conference seeking to make this their pitch for investment.

Ethics as a Core Value

This new perspective, which combines a new regard for the user and an emphasis on safeguarding privacy, will find its culmination in a new embrace of ethics in security. RSAC will see discussions around how to embed an ethical approach into the core of how they do business — or at the very least, figure out how to message this “core value” to outsiders.”

About SailPoint

SailPoint, the leader in identity management, delivers an innovative approach to securing access across the enterprise. With SailPoint, organizations of all sizes can ensure that everyone and everything has the exact access they need, exactly when they need it, intuitively and automatically.


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