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RSAC 2020 Insights: John Worrall, CEO, ZeroNorth

This is part of an ongoing executive guest blog series -- focused on top trends for RSAC 2020.

John Worrall, CEO, ZeroNorth

"Issues around threat detection and response always get a lot of attention at industry events like RSAC. There will still be a lot of that for sure, but I also think the tide is starting to shift and people are thinking more about working smarter versus working harder. Some of that discussion will revolve around topics like AI and ML, but the dark horse in this race is software security.

Vulnerabilities in software and infrastructure are the root cause for a majority of data breaches. This is because organizations are only capable of remediating about 10% of the vulnerabilities they know about. Think about that in the context of the recent debacle at the Iowa caucus – if the app couldn’t even tally results like it was designed to, chances are pretty good that it was also published with other flaws that could create security risk. But on the flip side, imagine if organizations did a better job publishing software that was vulnerability free. This could have a massive impact on reducing the volume and severity of breaches downstream, while making anything that relies on software these days (which is a lot!) more secure."

More information about ZeroNorth:

ZeroNorth is the first company to deliver risk-based vulnerability orchestration across applications and infrastructure. By orchestrating scanning tools throughout the entire software lifecycle, ZeroNorth provides a comprehensive, continuous view of risk and reduces costs associated with managing disparate technologies. ZeroNorth empowers customers to rapidly scale application and infrastructure security, while integrating seamlessly into developer environments to simplify and verify remediation. For more information, follow ZeroNorth on Twitter (@ZeroNorthSec) or LinkedIn—or visit


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