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RSAC 2020 Insights: Tal Zamir, Founder and CTO of Hysolate

This is part of an ongoing executive guest blog series -- focused on top trends for RSAC 2020.

Tal Zamir, Founder and CTO of Hysolate --

"One of the most important topics we'll see a lot of in RSAC 2020 will be "the human element." As Stephen Schmidt (the CISO for AWS) recently put it: "The biggest risk to most organizations, large or small, still tends to be people." We'll see the human risk being discussed in multiple tracks:

Security: even with the latest security technologies, we still see user devices being breached and leading to massive data loss and damages. By the end of the day, humans are still using vulnerable physical devices to access sensitive data and services, regardless of whether these are on-premise or in the cloud. User-centric security technologies attempt to tackle this challenge by isolating access to sensitive resources on endpoints, by applying zero trust architectures, etc.

Productivity: our security stack can, in many cases, degrade employee productivity. How can we increase employee satisfaction in light of increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks that trick users and target their devices? Is BYOD helpful and what type of risk does it introduce?

Privacy: in light of GDPR and other privacy regulations, enterprises are looking for ways to protect customer and employee information. This goes beyond protecting user data on cloud services and includes employee laptops."

More information about Hysolate:

Hysolate pioneered endpoint isolation, the most innovative way to secure user devices and boost user productivity. The solution uniquely splits devices into multiple, fully segregated environments by leveraging virtualization and providing protection below the operating system. Customers include leading financial, technology and services enterprises worldwide. Hysolate’s team includes IT and cybersecurity experts who are veterans of VMware, Microsoft, CyberArk and Unit 8200 (Israel's NSA). The company, which was launched by cybersecurity think tank, Team8, is privately held and headquartered in Tel Aviv and New York. Follow Hysolate on LinkedIn and Twitter @HysolateNow.


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