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RSAC Insights: Henning Horst, CTO of comforte AG

Henning Horst, CTO of comforte AG

This is part of an ongoing executive guest blog series -- focused on top trends for RSAC 2020.

"In today’s ever faster moving world, time to market and fast delivery of value to customers is paramount for success of any business. In recent years new technologies like Kubernetes, containerization, serverless computing have enabled businesses to move faster, deploy faster, deliver faster and at way higher scale. New innovations especially in the areas of edge computing, wearables, IoT and intelligent technology like ML/AI or self-driving vehicles have further unlocked huge business potential. However, so far cybersecurity is not yet able to move at the speed of business. Proper security is often still an afterthought, if at all, with the perception to slow down business rather than contributing any value. And that at a time where amounts of data and the infrastructure it flows over is exploding.

To close this gap will be a key challenge of the cybersecurity community for the next decade, with trends in various areas moving towards this overarching goal. As such we will need to see various advances in technology, to not just provide the value but do this securely. In particular we will see various trends regarding improving security in cloud native worlds, Kubernetes/Containers, IoT and Big Data. ML/AI technologies will not only have to bridge the security talent pool gap, but also become part of self-orchestrating and adjusting (security) infrastructure networks. Modern concepts have to be established to enable cloud use in an easy but secure fashion, both from securing the data with CASB technologies as well as advances in areas like UEBA replacing the need to burden the user with undesired complexities. But we also have to discuss in more general, on how to make advances on how we architect technology, to make it scalable and automatable, with security built-in. IaC native, API driven solutions, designed to be used in a DevSecOps native way, will play a key role in making security scale at the rate that we over time can close the gap between the speed of business and speed of delivering the appropriate cybersecurity for it."

More information about comforte AG:

comforte AG is a leading provider of enterprise data security. Today, more than 500 enterprises worldwide rely on comforte to secure the sensitive data they have been entrusted with. With more than 20 years of experience in data protection and connectivity of truly mission-critical systems, comforte is the perfect partner for organizations who are determined to protect their most valuable asset: data.


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