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RSAC Insights: Salah Nassar, CipherCloud

This is part of an ongoing executive guest blog series -- focused on top trends for RSAC 2020.

Salah Nassar, vice president of marketing, CipherCloud

"Over the last year we have seen an accelerated adoption of organizations adopting a centralized security platform for cloud app security, specifically Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB). We are well beyond the exploratory phase of organizations considering different methods and approaches, CASB has emerged as the most important security measure for cloud apps. For many organizations that have yet to embrace CASB consider this. How are you solving for mobile device access, visibility of a users end-to-end cloud journey, and preparing for the continued transformation of the network/security edge?

CASB is no longer about shadow IT and basic visibility. Today, CipherCloud CASB+ is solving for the industries top cloud-mobile security threats such as federating cloud access, maintaining visibility and protection of sensitive data operationalizing hundreds of users, devices, accessing dozens of clouds globally. They are able to unlock functionality such as cloud collaboration while maintaining NIST framework, implementing powerful controls over sensitive data, laying the groundwork for Zero Trust and Gartner SASE.”

More information about CipherCloud:

CipherCloud introduced the first CASB solution to the market in 2011 and continues to reshape the cloud security market. CipherCloud’s recognized data protection expertise forms the foundation for the industry’s only zero-trust CASB solution, providing seamless zero-trust security across all clouds with unified policies, trusted data protection, and automatic compliance for the cloud-mobile era. CipherCloud‘s CASB+ provides the deepest levels of data protection and real-time data access control to provide an immediate solution for challenging cloud security and compliance problems.

CipherCloud has been awarded Winner of the Cloud Security Product of the Year by SC Magazine, Overall Leader in the CASB market by KuppingerCole, Best IT Data Management Solution by ASTORS Homeland Security, and earned numerous awards from the 2019 Internet Security Product Guide. The world’s largest global enterprises and government institutions in over 25 countries protect and secure their cloud information with CipherCloud, which is backed by Andreessen Horowitz, Transamerica Ventures, Delta Partners and T-Venture, the venture capital arm of Deutsche Telekom.


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