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SCYTHE’s Elizabeth Wharton Named Cybersecurity or Privacy Woman Law Professional for 2022

SCYTHE has announced that Elizabeth Wharton, Vice President of Operations, was honored with the Cybersecurity or Privacy Woman Law Professional of the Year for 2022. The award was presented at the Cybersecurity Women of the Year Awards GALA 2022 in Las Vegas which coincided with the 2022 BlackHat, BSides and DefCon conferences.

The CSWY awards are a tribute to female cybersecurity and privacy professionals leading the industry and making a real difference through their work and dedication to a safer digital ecosystem.

“Liz Wharton’s experience as the technology-focused business advisor and attorney has clearly impressed the CSWY subcommittee and judges,” said Carmen Marsh, president and CEO, United Cybersecurity Alliance. “Her exemplary work in cybersecurity absolutely deserves recognition at the global scale. She is a perfect role model for other women considering joining the cybersecurity & privacy fields. We at the United Cybersecurity Alliance and Cybersecurity Woman of the Year, are thrilled to cast the spotlight on the very accomplished Ms. Wharton.”

“Through her exceptional talent, intellect and dedication, Liz Wharton makes the industry stronger and SCYTHE stronger,” said Bryson Bort, CEO, SCYTHE. “We are very proud of her contributions to this industry and this company.”

Wharton, known as “Lawyer Liz” in the industry, leverages almost two decades in legal, public policy, and business experience to build and scale cybersecurity and threat intelligence focused companies. As Vice President of Operations for SCYTHE, she continues her drive for improving cybersecurity risk through growing SCYTHE’s business functions and enabling leadership focus on platform development and strengthening customer’s operational defenses.

Wharton has advised and worked with small startups, independent security researchers, and multi-national companies on a variety of corporate, financing, public policy, and security related matters.

Prior experience includes leading a third-party risk threat intelligence platform startup through its Series-A round and serving as the Senior Assistant City Attorney, City of Atlanta (Aviation) overseeing technology policy and projects at Atlanta’s Airport and serving on the immediate incident response team for Atlanta’s ransomware incident.

Outside of SCYTHE, she is on the board of advisors for the Rural Technology Fund, a technology and education focused non-profit, is a member of the DEFCON CFP Review Board, and volunteers as a mentor with a variety of organizations. She received her J.D. from Georgia State University College of Law and her B.A. from Virginia Tech.



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