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SecurityAdvisor Announces Partnership and Joint Solution with Netskope

SecurityAdvisor, the only personalized security awareness platform that quantifiably reduces security incidents, today announced a new partnership with Netskope, the SASE leader that safely and quickly connects users directly to the internet, any application, and their infrastructure from any device, on or off the network. Through the partnership, SecurityAdvisor offers joint customers a market-leading platform for security awareness designed to change user behavior and improve organizational security outcomes.

SecurityAdvisor’s integration with Netskope allows the company to detect highly granular teachable moments based on users’ cloud activity, data sharing, and browsing. Leveraging Netskope APIs, SecurityAdvisor pulls security detection data and web violations to formulate a coaching plan for organizations’ users. The company's platform then recommends personalized, teachable moments for every employee based on Netskope’s detections.

Once teachable moments are identified, SecurityAdvisor’s platform automatically launches personalized campaigns, engaging employees with targeted, contextual lessons including games, comics, posters, text messages, newsletters, and traditional online training. The offering provides administrators with the ability to customize coaching templates to better fit the needs of individuals and their risky behaviors.

“As cybercriminals use increasingly sophisticated social engineering tactics that prey on an organization’s workforce, it's imperative for company leaders to implement a strategic approach to protect employees against these ever-evolving threats,” said Sai Venkataraman, CEO at SecurityAdvisor.

“Our joint offering with Netskope empowers organizations to increase cybersecurity awareness among those who are targeted most by cyberattacks – individual employees – based on their digital, online, and cloud behavior and, in the process, improve their overall security posture.”

From initial implementations of the joint solution, customers have seen a measurable reduction in security risk, including a more than 80% reduction in DLP incidents, web violations, and malware detections. Additionally, with personalized employee communication derived from Netskope data, customers report an increase in employee engagement, with more than 90% employees completing lessons.

“Especially in light of the pandemic, the adoption of cloud apps, services and mobile devices has rapidly accelerated as organizations moved their operations remote,” said David Willis, Sr. Director, Technology Alliances at Netskope. “Our joint solution with SecurityAdvisor will play a key role in helping customers educate their workforce as they navigate their new environments in a much more effective way than today’s industry standard for security awareness training.”

With the joint solution, organizations also benefit from:

  • A more than 75% reduction in time spent by employees on security awareness training.

  • Reports that satisfy compliance requirements around security awareness (NIST, ISO 27001, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, SOC II, etc.).

  • Time saved for SOC analysts investigating security incidents as a result of fewer security incidents.

  • The ability to engage users through a range of delivery platforms (email, Slack, or Teams).



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