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Sonatype’s Software Supply Chain Management Platform Helps Build Software Securely, Now in the Cloud

Sonatype, a provider of software supply chain management, has launched cloud offerings to make it easier for security and developer teams to build secure software. The new offerings, which include cloud, self-hosted, and disconnected deployment options, give maximum control and flexibility to customers. Sonatype's proprietary intelligence, AI behavioral analysis, and industry-leading research enable organizations to manage their software supply chains efficiently and securely. With cloud deployment, software supply chain management is now available in the cloud with enterprise-grade security.

With self-hosted deployment, organizations can host on their own servers or in a cloud environment of their choice. The Nexus Disconnected Environment (NDE) is the only open source and dependency management solution for air-gapped environments, making it ideal for government and affiliated organizations.

The platform includes a behavioral AI-driven component firewall to automatically block malicious malware from entering the software development lifecycle, as well as security policy automation with instant developer feedback at all stages of development. The company already has over 2,000 organizations and 15 million software developers relying on its platform. The expansion of deployment options will help even more organizations shift security to the left and automate their software supply chain management. ###


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