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Tanium Talks Converged Endpoint Security Momentum and New Platform Capabilities

Tanium, a converged endpoint management provider, was recently recognized as a 2023 Enterprise Security Tech Top 20 award winner. Renowned for its innovative solutions in the realm of enterprise security, Tanium has consistently demonstrated its commitment to tackling evolving cyber threats.

Chris Hallum, Director of Product Marketing for Platform and Security at Tanium

We spoke with Chris Hallum, Director of Product Marketing for Platform and Security at Tanium, to learn more about the company's recent momentum and its latest digital employee experience offering enhancements , which helps IT leaders continuously measure and improve the technology experience that companies offer to their employees. What’s the latest at Tanium?

Tanium continues to innovate by adding capabilities meet market demand and provide customers with unprecedented endpoint visibility and real-time assessment and remediation. Recent enhancements include:

  • October 2022: Tanium Benchmark, an industry-first solution that delivers real-time assessments of the security and operational risks associated with connected endpoints.

  • November 2022: Tanium Software Bill of Materials (SBOM), to address supply-chain vulnerabilities while focusing on the software residing on individual assets to detect libraries and software packages.

  • March 2023: Tanium Certificate Manager and enhanced policy management capabilities, offering organizations convenient tool consolidation, cost and time savings, and more accurate reporting.

  • April 2023: Tanium Digital Employee Experience (DEX) helps IT leaders continuously measure and improve the technology experience that companies offer to their employees.

  • June 2023: Tanium released major enhancements to the Tanium SBOM that now include CVE information. Tanium also announced the expansion of support for ARM-Based endpoints to help IT teams minimize blind spots and drastically reduce the need for separate endpoint tools.

  • June 2023: Tanium Total Experience (TX) for ServiceNow integrates Tanium’s industry-leading XEM platform with the ServiceNow platform to bring unparalleled visibility, real-time data, and proactive remediation to organizations looking to improve IT staff, employee and customer experiences.

  • August 2023: Tanium Vulnerability Risk and Compliance for ServiceNow enables ServiceNow customers to accelerate their security incident lifecycle by removing the number of manual investigation steps and augmenting ServiceNow processes with the speed and scale of Tanium

Finally, Tanium recently introduced a platform upgrade with enhanced speed to power the delivery of new features for Tanium’s DEX offering, as well as a new capability, Investigate, which provides advanced investigation experiences for IT Ops and security incidents.

Can you tell us a little bit more about Tanium's digital employee experience offering?

We recently introduced the enhancement of our digital employee experience offering which helps IT leaders continuously measure and improve the technology experience that companies offer to their employees. We’ve added new capabilities including a per-user based sentiment score, customizable automated self-healing for expedited remediation, and application performance monitoring on employee endpoints. Additionally, we’ve introduced a new platform capability called Investigate to support and enhance the experiences of solutions like Tanium DEX, Incident Response and Endpoint Management. Investigate provides teams with advanced investigation capabilities that will enable them to identify root cause and collaborate on IT and security related incidents. Along with these new features, we’ve updated the Tanium XEM platform to provide critical time and cost savings for organizations across industries and throughout governments around the world.

How do these new features benefit Tanium customers?

There are 4 primary benefits to the DEX solution area improvements and the new Investigate capability:

  • Improved employee productivity and employee and customer sentiment and satisfaction with digital employee experience and purchasing experiences

  • Increased availability, performance, and security for services, infrastructure, and endpoints by decreasing the Mean Time to Resolve (MTTR) when incidents occur

  • A reduction in outages and support tickets with the ability to execute automated self-healing and proactively investigate and remediate issues before small issues become larger incidents

  • Increased visibility into the DEX sentiment of the organization’s users which provides a signal of where IT and Security can improve and insight into how current initiatives may be improving or adversely affecting their user sentiment

The Tanium platform upgrade also provides an updated user interface which allows for easier access to information, as users can rapidly pivot to a quick-link, question, report, dashboard, or ask a question from anywhere within Tanium. Coupled with Investigate, this empowers organizations to investigate and remediate their assets at the speed of Tanium.

We’re hearing a lot about DEX in today’s market. Why is digital employee experience so important?

Digital transformation and hybrid work have brought employee digital experiences to the fore as a critical aspect of the overall work experience, making it a top priority for CIOs to ensure high productivity, better employee satisfaction, and lower IT support costs.

So much of our lives are spent in the digital world, and in today’s job market, ensuring that the employee digital experience is a positive one is crucial to attracting and retaining talent. IT leaders need to be able to continuously measure and improve the technology experience that companies offer to their employees.

Tanium’s DEX offering uniquely empowers IT teams to proactively monitor and manage the health and performance of employee and even customer digital experiences. Unlike traditional set-it-and-forget-it approaches, Tanium XEM with DEX delivers self-help functionality that allows employees to fix issues affecting their devices using fully automated self-healing for a seamless experience; it also provides survey and notification features, which enables continual measurement and improvement of user experiences through an ongoing IT to employee collaboration.

Let’s talk specifically about Tanium Investigate. What’s the business value of a solution like this?

Outages can cost an organization thousands per minute, equating to millions over just hours of downtime. It’s clear that time is quite literally money when it comes to IT and security incidents, and determining the root cause of an outage is often the most time-consuming aspect of an investigation. IT Ops and security teams need solutions that tackle this problem and streamline investigations so they can quickly identify the root cause of a problem and take action to remediate. Our new Investigate capability provides just that, all at the speed and scale Tanium is known for.

How is this news part of Tanium’s larger growth plans?

Tanium has a strategic and aggressive product roadmap that combines input from customers, market trends, and innovative advancements from our team of world-class engineers.

The market opportunity for Tanium is extensive and continues to grow as we penetrate new segments, expand categories with new solutions, and strengthen our key complementary strategic partnerships.

The versatility of the Tanium platform lends itself to monitoring and managing employee and even customer digital experiences and our new solution releases have positioned us to gain a clear leadership position in the fast-growing DEX market segment.

In today’s IT and threat landscape, it’s clear that organizations need complete lifecycle management of the endpoint, yet traditional unified endpoint management (UEM) solutions often stop their efforts at just provisioning an operating system, apps, and settings. With today’s news, Tanium now uniquely fulfills the promise of full lifecycle management of the endpoint by adding the ability to monitor, investigate, collaborate, and identify the root cause of Security, IT and DevOps incidents. Tanium is ultimately changing what customers will come to expect in a full featured UEM solution which in our view should be seamlessly integrated with a full featured DEX solution.

This product innovation and excellence is why more than half of the Fortune 100 and the U.S. armed forces, eight of the top 10 U.S. financial institutions, and seven of the top 10 global retailers – including some of the world’s best-known brands like Barclays, Whirlpool, and GoDaddy –trust Tanium to defend every team, endpoint, and workflow everywhere. ###


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