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Tech Career Expert Shares How You Can Upskill to Enter IT and Cybersecurity Jobs

Recent layoffs across industries have driven people to think deeply about their career paths. But changing careers, especially when it requires a new certification, can be daunting and many struggle to make a viable plan to find the right training program, and ultimately never make the switch.

Lesia Harhaj-Kudryk, Fullstack Academy

We sat down with Lesia Harhaj-Kudryk, Director of Career Success at Fullstack Academy to discuss how people can transition into a career in cybersecurity or IT. During this time of career transition for many people, what are some of the benefits of entering into a career in tech?

Despite recent layoffs within some of the larger tech companies, the tech job market is still growing, and its growth is expected to continue this year and into the near future. The cybersecurity job market alone is projected to grow 35% over the next 8 years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Entering into this high-growth field brings with it many benefits. For one, the field has great job prospects across experience levels – as of late 2022, there were more than 700,000 cyber jobs available in the U.S., according to CyberSeek, with nearly 30,000 of them designated for entry-level professionals.

Plus, with a wide array of training programs available, anyone can start a new career in tech, regardless of current experience level.

Many of our students are switching to a career in tech for a salary increase, since it is one of the higher-paying markets right now. They are also seeking more flexible work schedules and locations, which the tech industry tends to offer.

Skilled cybersecurity professionals are highly sought after in the tech industry, and entry-level professionals can qualify for a range of roles/salaries based on their skills and experience, including:

IT and Cybersecurity Job Salaries 2022

On top of that, transitioning into tech can lead to a rewarding career working on technologies that are changing the way we work and live. Tech careers offer the opportunity to be part of major innovation and to continue growing one's skills as tech evolves, and with the right experience, pursue more specialized roles in tech, such as machine learning, AI, and more.

Do you have to have an educational background in tech to be successful in this career path?

You do need to have some educational background in tech to pursue this career path, which is where bootcamps like ours can help you learn the necessary skills to enter the field successfully. You do not need to have prior experience to enroll in Fullstack Academy’s bootcamps. In fact, many of our students do not have formal college degrees in tech, but by completing a bootcamp, pursuing certifications, and gaining practical experience, they have landed meaningful roles in the field.

However, let’s not discount the previous education and professional experience that candidates may have. Transferable skills also play a large role in a candidate’s success in the field.

Fullstack Academy helps its students through the whole process, from the initial bootcamp to finding further certifications that cybersecurity employers are looking for, as well as finding open jobs that combine new and existing skills.

How can people learn new skills with Fullstack Academy?

Fullstack Academy’s programs cater to early career professionals, upskillers, or those looking to pursue a new career path. Our immersive, collaborative, cohort-based, live online cybersecurity bootcamp is designed to feel just like you are in the classroom.

Students focus on building foundational understanding so that no matter which tools, platforms, or processes their future employer uses, they will be able to apply their knowledge successfully.

In addition to our cyber bootcamp, Fullstack Academy offers other programs including coding, data analytics, DevOps, and product management, either through our core curriculum or in partnership with over 20 leading colleges and universities across the U.S.

What makes Fullstack Academy different?

Fullstack Academy is one of the longest-running and most reputable tech bootcamps in the U.S. Our bootcamps are taught by industry-experienced instructors who are passionate about training the next generation of professionals. Students are prepared with the knowledge and practical skills that tech employers are looking for. Fullstack Academy also has a strong emphasis on career services and student support. As a result, our graduates have been hired by Fortune 100 firms such as Amazon, Google, and Facebook, as well as mid-size companies and innovative startups.

What cybersecurity offerings does Fullstack Academy provide to help people get started who are interested in the industry?

Fullstack Academy offers a cybersecurity bootcamp that teaches students how to monitor and secure systems, networks, and applications, as well as deploy offensive and defensive tactics needed to appropriately respond to cyber breaches.

Students will use popular cybersecurity tools, techniques, and procedures, including Kali Linux, Command Line, Python, Wireshark, Bash, Nmap, Metasploit, Meterpreter, and more. The bootcamp is available in both full-time, 13-week and part-time, 26-week schedules.

Fullstack Academy also offers two free, self-paced introductory prep courses: Intro to Cybersecurity, which teaches about what's currently happening in the cybersecurity space and what having a job in this field is really like, and CyberOnRamp, which teaches Linux Command Line basics for cybersecurity.

Prospective students can visit for more information.


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