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The Cyber Jack Podcast - Critical Frameworks and Beyond: How MITRE Supports the Cyber Industry

MITRE, recently listed #1 on the 2022 Cyber Top 20 list, is known for frameworks like MITRE ATT&CK® and MITRE D3FEND™ -- but the organization's scope is far greater. We spoke with Wen Masters, Vice President of Cyber Technologies, MITRE, to learn more about how the not-for-profit organization brings critical resources and frameworks to CISOs and the security community at large. We also discuss how MITRE is thinking about the cyber talent shortage and other big challenges the industry faces.

Wen Masters, MITRE

As vice president of cyber technologies, Wen Masters directs MITRE's corporate cybersecurity strategy and serves as the champion for MITRE-wide cybersecurity capabilities. Leading a group of 1,200 experts, she oversees our innovation centers in cyber solutions, cyber operations and effects, cyber infrastructure protection, and software engineering. Working together, they address the most difficult cyber threats facing the nation. They are helping government and private industry secure critical infrastructure and defend against online theft and exploits by hostile adversaries.



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