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The Needs for Business Leaders to Embrace Observability Tools

SolarWinds, provider of IT management and observability software, has unveiled its 2023 IT Trends Report, titled "Lessons From Observability Leaders." This report delves into how enterprises can proactively harness the potential of observability solutions, integrate best practices into their implementations, and address common adoption challenges. Moreover, it highlights that companies adopting observability experience notable benefits, including enhanced operational efficiency, accelerated innovation, and improved overall business outcomes.

The report draws attention to a significant contrast between organizations that have embraced observability and those that have not. Notable findings reveal that observability leaders, those who effectively leverage observability and report improved business and IT outcomes, are three times more likely to claim their organizations are excelling in revenue growth. They are also over twice as likely to cite operational efficiency and 2.5 times more likely to report excellence in innovation speed. Observability leaders also report higher employee satisfaction, with reduced burnout levels and fewer skills gaps on their teams.

These insights are particularly timely as IT environments grow increasingly complex, and organizations grapple with challenges in efficiently addressing IT issues. On average, enterprises suffer approximately nine brownouts or outages per month, lasting about twelve hours each, with an annual cost averaging $13.7 million. Observability has emerged as a solution to preemptively detect anomalies and potential problems before they escalate into outages and proactively address root causes, ultimately preventing future outages. In conjunction with the report, Jeff Stewart, Field CTO and Vice President of Global Solutions Engineering at SolarWinds, emphasized that outages and security concerns are no longer isolated to IT but affect the entire organization. “The better business, innovation, and technology outcomes experienced by observability leaders prove the benefits to every level, department, and employee. The findings of this year’s report should serve as an urgent call to action for business leaders who believe they can’t afford to invest in observability tools—when the truth is that we’re rapidly entering a landscape in which companies simply can’t afford to risk being without them," said Stewart.

The survey also highlighted trends among observability leaders, revealing that they face fewer and less severe ecosystem challenges. They prioritize improving customer experience, enabling faster innovation, reducing issue-solving time, detecting issues, and increasing operational efficiency. Observability leaders embrace automation and invest in tools that enhance efficiency, which significantly improves operational efficiency and IT performance.

SolarWinds offers comprehensive observability solutions, including SolarWinds Observability and SolarWinds Hybrid Cloud Observability, designed to provide organizations of all sizes and industries with cost-effective, end-to-end visibility and actionable insights in hybrid and multi-cloud environments, integrating powerful machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities.



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