Trustwave: How To Prepare for Ransomware in the Wake of JBS, Colonial Pipeline Attacks

Trustwave, a top global cybersecurity company focused on managed detection and response, has provided a high-level framework for organizations to help them prepare for this new wave of ransomware attacks organizations are faced with. As a philosophy, Trustwave believes a lack of proactive security makes you more susceptible to ransomware attacks.

"Organizations must ensure they have a proactive approach to threat protection, detection and response, and the right people, processes and capabilities in place to strengthen resilience to these types of attacks," said Kory Daniels, Global Director, Threat Detection and Response Consulting, Trustwave.

"The continuation of these attacks is yet another wake-up call for organizations to take a hard look at their defenses."

The recent attacks that crippled operations for Colonial Pipeline and now JBS, the world's largest meat packers, have demonstrated the dire need for ransomware preparedness and assessment.

Read the ransomware preparedness guide Trustwave outlines:

First Off

Ransomware requires a robust layered security approach. The concept behind a layered security strategy is “Defense in Depth”, which aims to have fallback protections if a particular control fails. Defenses must address People, Process and Technology in order to be effective. Below is a quick high-level overview to help you prepare for this new surge of ransomware attacks.</