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Vulnerability Intel Company VulnCheck Raises $3.2M

VulnCheck, a vulnerability intelligence company, has raised $3.2 million in a seed funding round led by Sorenson Ventures, with participation from In-Q-Tel, Lux Capital, and Aviso Ventures. The company has also received funding from angel investors, including Dave Cole, co-founder and CEO of Open Raven, and Oliver Friedrichs, founder and CEO of Pangea. With the funding raised, the company will be able to increase hiring and improve product development to better serve its customers.

VulnCheck provides comprehensive, real-time vulnerability intelligence to large enterprises, government agencies, and cybersecurity solution providers. The Boston-based company was founded in 2021 and is led by Anthony Bettini, former head of Tenable research and founder and CEO of FlawCheck and Appthority. The company is powered by a team of former lead researchers at Tenable, Rapid7, Dragos, and Veracode and former lead exploit developers of MetaSploit.

VulnCheck’s vulnerability intelligence is unique in that it discovers vulnerability intelligence that other solutions are unable to access, acquire, or find. This is crucial in securing systems as organizations cannot secure what they are unaware of. The company delivers threat intelligence services to help organizations prioritize responses to the growing number of vulnerabilities and take action before adversaries can attack.

VulnCheck’s cyber threat intelligence services include VulnCheck Vulnerability Intelligence, a commercial alternative to the NIST National Vulnerability Database (NVD), which includes more data, fields, sources, exploit, and remediation intelligence. The company also offers VulnCheck Exploit Intelligence, which helps organizations track all of the world's exploit proof-of-concept code, exploited in-the-wild information, and exploit metadata. Lastly, VulnCheck Initial Access Intelligence provides organizations with detection artifacts to defend against initial access vulnerabilities that have been recently exploited or are likely to be soon.

In conclusion, VulnCheck’s unique ability to discover vulnerabilities that other solutions are unable to find is what sets it apart from other vulnerability intelligence companies.



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