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WitFoo Announces First OEM Partnership with Roqos

Witfoo, the world’s most intelligent SECOPS platform fueled by big data analytics, announced today an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partnership with Roqos, the innovative leader of cybersecurity, VPN and cellular data solutions. As part of the partnership, WitFoo Precinct will be pre-installed on Roqos Core appliances and available to purchase directly from Roqos.

“Witfoo’s Precinct is a valuable addition to our existing cybersecurity solution which consists of auto-updated IPS, DNS/IP filters, Country Block and real-time alerts on our next-gen firewall Roqos Core appliances,” said Sezen Uysal, founder and CEO of Roqos. “In addition, Roqos provides complete Precinct implementation by having all Roqos Cores automatically collect and securely send network data essential for Precinct’s analysis.”

By leveraging crowdsourced intelligence from security experts, WitFoo promises a greater than 90 percent reduction in time and labor spent performing security investigations. The company’s flagship product, Precinct, is a cost-contained, infinitely scalable solution that increases the efficiency and effectiveness of security teams and produces business metrics to drive transformative conversations.

“We couldn’t be more excited to sign on our first OEM partner,” said Tim Bradford, CEO of WitFoo. “This agreement with Roqos serves as further validation of our go-to-market business strategy, and I have no doubt this is the first of many similar partnerships to come.”



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