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Women in Security: Michelle Sutphin, VP and CSO, SAIC

This is part of a running commentary series for International Women's Day 2022.

Michelle Sutphin, VP and CSO, SAIC shares her story and advice for women in cyber:

“I have come to find that the security profession is very seldom a career that you actively seek out. Security is more of a career that finds you. My 20-year security journey took me to several large companies and finally to SAIC. It was a long winding road of learning, hard work and dedication. I was surrounded by supportive mentors, amazing managers, and each time I was provided with an opportunity, I took it. It was an ever present goal of mine to one day reach the highest levels of leadership in the security field.

Being a woman in the corporate world is never easy and in the security field, it is even harder. With the right pull and the right support, it is pretty easy to land a seat at the table. I kept my seat and voice by never being afraid of working hard and was always willing to learn new things and to share my knowledge with others. I always tried to treat everyone like a human being and to be fair, ethical and professional. This to me, is what it means to be a female leader.

Looking back on my path during this time of reflection for International Women’s Day, I am thankful for all of those that invested in me and encouraged me along the way. I am especially thankful for the fact that they not only were willing to give me a seat at the table, but they valued me for what I brought to it.”



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