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ZEDEDA Partners with Avassa to Provide End-to-End Orchestration at the Edge

Edge infrastructure orchestration leader, ZEDEDA, has partnered with Avassa, a provider of a container management platform for running applications in edge environments. The collaboration will enable end-to-end orchestration for security and visibility from hardware to applications at the edge. The combined solutions will offer customers a flexible and sturdy foundation to support existing workloads with ZEDEDA and easily extend to modern container application stacks with Avassa's edge platform. The partnership will enable ZEDEDA's customers to gain full visibility and manageability of cloud-native container applications while resolving the challenges of existing infrastructure at the distributed edge.

According to research, 69% of CIOs surveyed stated that edge computing is a digital trend that they have already deployed or plan to deploy by mid-2025. This partnership addresses the growing demand for comprehensive solutions that empower customers to deploy new technologies at the edge.

ZEDEDA delivers a trusted and secure edge infrastructure that supports legacy virtual and modern container workloads, while Avassa simplifies the management of containerized applications at the edge. By leveraging the two companies' solutions, customers can access easy edge orchestration without compromising security. The Avassa Edge Enforcer will be available in the ZEDEDA Marketplace, enabling fully automated deployment of container applications within customers' distributed ZEDEDA environments. Customers can also easily access Avassa's container management solution through one-click deployment.

Avassa's CTO, Carl Moberg, stated that the partnership is exciting since ZEDEDA purpose-built its solution for the distributed edge, and the companies can leverage ZEDEDA's edge-native infrastructure solutions and Avassa's edge container application platform to provide easy edge orchestration. Together, users can leverage ZEDEDA's edge virtualization solution to orchestrate hardware and mixed workloads as well as modern containerized workloads managed and monitored in the Avassa platform.

The partnership between ZEDEDA and Avassa addresses the challenges that companies face when developing modern, containerized apps that must run on the edge alongside existing virtualized applications. The combined solutions will provide customers with the necessary tools to support new use cases at the edge.



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