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2022 Cyber Predictions: MSPs Will Continue To Be Ransomware Targets

This is part of our 2022 cybersecurity predictions series. Top leaders from across the industry shared what cyber could bring in the new year.

Bob Rudis, Chief Security Data Scientist, Rapid7

“As companies accelerate towards a higher office-vs-remote work ratio, initial access brokers will take advantage of the mobility (and weaknesses) in BYOD endpoints to gain footholds and refresh credentials and PII data stores. Multiple, major breaches will be reported.”

Tod Beardsley, Director of Research, Rapid7

“In 2022, managed service providers (MSPs) will continue to be in the hot seat as intermediary targets for ransomware gangs. The efficacy of hitting MSPs was proven out in 2021, and even small, regional MSPs will need to stay on their toes with patches and 2FA everywhere to avoid getting exploited and phished by attackers who are targeting their downstream customers.”

Erick Galinkin, Principal Artificial Intelligence Researcher, Rapid7

“Ransomware will continue to be a huge threat and will draw even more attention in 2022. While we should keep an eye out for potential attempts to disrupt a major US government agency, the revenue lost from ransomware will still be an order of magnitude less than business email compromise.”



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