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Accenture Strengthens Cybersecurity Arsenal with Acquisition of MNEMO Mexico

In a strategic move to bolster its cybersecurity prowess, global consulting giant Accenture has announced the acquisition of MNEMO Mexico, a distinguished player in managed cybersecurity services. While the financial details of the deal remain undisclosed, the acquisition underscores Accenture's commitment to fortifying its cybersecurity portfolio.

MNEMO Mexico, founded in 2012 and headquartered in Mexico City, boasts an impressive roster of 229 cybersecurity experts armed with 180 industry certifications, along with robust partnerships within the cybersecurity ecosystem.

The company's array of offerings includes cutting-edge cyber defense and response capabilities, underpinned by generative AI and advanced technologies. Moreover, MNEMO Mexico operates a 24/7/365 security operations center in Mexico City, catering to a diverse clientele spanning sectors such as telecommunications, banking, and insurance.

Paolo Dal Cin, the global head of Accenture Security, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting how MNEMO Mexico's expertise perfectly complements their existing capabilities. He emphasized that the collaboration will not only fortify their presence in Mexico and Latin America but also reinforce their ability to assist organizations in building cyber-resilient businesses.

Cybersecurity is of paramount concern in Mexico, a nation frequently besieged by cyberattacks. A joint report with the World Economic Forum and Accenture revealed that talent recruitment and retention pose significant challenges for managing cyber resilience, with less than half of respondents feeling adequately equipped to tackle cyber threats.

Julian Garrido, General Director of MNEMO Mexico, emphasized their commitment to safeguarding clients against cyber threats for over two decades and expressed excitement about joining forces with Accenture Security. The acquisition will enable them to collaborate across industries to create a more secure digital future.

Accenture Security has been on an acquisition spree, with MNEMO Mexico marking its 17th acquisition since 2015. This move further solidifies Accenture's position as a global leader in managed security services, as evidenced by its top ranking in the Gartner Market Share report for 2022. With a growing focus on cybersecurity and an expanding footprint in Latin America, Accenture is poised to offer clients robust solutions in an increasingly perilous digital landscape. ###


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