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AppRiver Finds Tax Fraud Attempts Already

ADP tax users have been targeted in a tax themed phishing attack, according to AppRiver, a Zix company.

The research team has been monitoring an ongoing tax themed email phishing campaign that is aimed at ADP users -- one of the largest global providers of human capital management solutions. The phishing emails tell users that their 2019 W-2s are now available on the ADP account page. But the clickable link in the email leads to a malicious domain. Attackers then gather user ADP login credentials on the dummy login page hosted on the malicious domain.

With login credentials, the hackers could use the ADP portal to change direct deposit information and redirect funds, expose banking info, or even steal identities.

AppRiver wants everyone to remember -- the IRS will never ask you to take action on taxes via email. When you get any type of notification from a vendor via email, go to the website directly in a separate, new window and log in.

For more information, check out AppRiver's blog on the find:


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