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Checkmarx Launches CheckAI Plugin for ChatGPT, Pioneering Code Security for GenAI-Generated Apps

Checkmarx, a renowned provider of application security solutions, has introduced the CheckAI Plugin for ChatGPT, an innovative solution designed to enhance code security. This plugin represents a significant milestone in the industry as it enables developers and security teams to detect and prevent potential attacks on ChatGPT-generated code. By integrating the plugin into the ChatGPT interface, developers can bolster their defenses against malicious open source packages and dependencies.

The CheckAI Plugin for ChatGPT serves as a valuable tool for protecting against emerging threats and ensuring code integrity. It empowers developers to identify vulnerabilities in their ChatGPT-generated code, receive real-time feedback on potential risks, and safeguard against malicious open source packages. This plugin plays a crucial role in maintaining robust application security standards while utilizing the time-saving benefits of GenAI tools.

The availability of the CheckAI Plugin as part of the ChatGPT plugins beta further enhances the security measures for ChatGPT Plus users. With planned future releases, the plugin will expand its functionality to include additional use cases such as prompt protection, Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) validations, and API validation.

The CheckAI Plugin leverages the capabilities of Checkmarx One, an industry-leading application security platform known for its comprehensive features. Powered by Checkmarx's Supply Chain Threat Intelligence, it effectively identifies and mitigates risks associated with malicious open source packages. Checkmarx One is purpose-built for cloud-native application development and seamlessly integrates with developers' preferred tools and environments.

By integrating the CheckAI Plugin for ChatGPT into their workflows, organizations can proactively address the security challenges associated with GenAI-generated code. This solution ensures that developers can leverage the capabilities of GenAI tools while maintaining a robust and secure development environment.



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