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CISO Global Enhances Argo Security Management Platform With Real-Time Data Access and More

CISO Global (NASDAQ: CISO), a leader in managed cybersecurity and compliance solutions, has bolstered its security management platform Argo to provide security teams with real-time data access across tool sets, facilitating more informed decisions. The platform aggregates data in real time from an organization's complete environment, including network asset details, existing cyber tools, security operations center (SOC) services, vulnerability management, secure managed IT, and penetration testing data. This empowers enterprises to create individual risk profiles for each network asset, aiding in the prioritization of cybersecurity threats based on asset value.

Experts at CISO Global have recognized that organizations grapple with challenges such as limited time, understaffing, extensive task lists, and ongoing security incidents. Elevated rates of attacks have accentuated concerns regarding effectiveness. A significant contributing factor identified by CISO's consultants is the presence of system, operational, and data silos, forcing IT directors and security managers into making partially uninformed decisions.

Argo's primary objective is to alleviate cybersecurity overload and enhance cyber effectiveness. Through dynamic visualizations, the platform empowers clients to comprehend their entire cybersecurity program.

"In today’s dynamic threat landscape, it’s essential for security teams to have access to real-time data across tools and services. This empowers them to make better-informed decisions and respond promptly to emerging threats," said CISO Global's Chief Technology Officer, Jerald Dawkins, Ph.D.

Argo Security Management is actively utilized by various CISO clients and seamlessly integrates proprietary IP and data from trusted partners like Azure Sentinel, AlienVault, Chronicle SOAR, SentinelOne, Microsoft Defender, Stellar Cyber, Nucleus, Nessus, SecPod Technologies, Datto, Veeam, KnowB4, ZenGRC, and Autotask.

While already robust, CISO Global remains committed to advancing Argo's capabilities. The company is focusing on expanding data ingestion capabilities, integrating data science into cybersecurity data, and exploring the potential of AI in the cybersecurity landscape. Argo Security Management's Intellectual Property plays a pivotal role in the growth of CISO Global's portfolio.

"By providing actionable insights derived from aggregated security data, Argo empowers security leaders and IT directors to make well-informed decisions in a rapidly evolving threat environment," stated David Jemmett, CEO of CISO Global. In a landscape where enterprises juggle an average of 75 security toolsets and deal with fragmented visualizations, Argo emerges as a solution to significantly enhance the efficiency of safeguarding critical data assets. ###


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