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CISO Global's Argo Edge Shines at DEF CON, Foiling 127,000 Hacker Attempts

CISO Global, a managed cybersecurity and compliance provider, has proven the efficacy of its Argo Edge security solution through successful testing at the DEF CON cybersecurity convention in Las Vegas. The event, known for its hacker competitions, attracted hackers from around the world. Deployed externally for the first time, the Argo Edge cloud security platform withstood over 127,000 hacking attempts over the conference's duration. These attacks ranged from backdoors to adware and data theft software, as well as various malware and ransomware types.

The Argo Edge solution, helmed by CISO Global's incident response team, Team Hades, exhibited remarkable resilience. None of the attacks compromised the device's operating system, including encryption and takeover endeavors. Argo Edge demonstrated its learning capabilities by adapting from each of the 127,000 attempts to continually enhance its security.

David Jemmett, CEO of CISO Global, emphasized the significance of this achievement, stating, "This successful real-world test validates our latest platform, which has been developed over the past two years."

Argo Edge, initially designed to counter ransomware, proved its prowess beyond this specific threat. The platform identifies attacking IP addresses and shares them across its deployment, bolstering collective cybersecurity. Additionally, it maintains detailed logs of security events to support forensics if required.

Deployed on select commercial and government networks for two years, Argo Edge effectively combats various ransomware strains, aligning with its worth in today's cybersecurity landscape. The solution's innovative approach combines integrated technologies like secure internet gateway, secure authentication, and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), all supported by AI-powered learning.

The Argo Edge platform's recent independent valuation of $49 million reflects its growing importance. Its comprehensive data visualizations are delivered through the Argo Security Management platform, streamlining security data visualization across client environments. ###


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