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CloudSphere Completes Integration with Microsoft Azure Migrate

This guest blog was contributed by Keith Neilson, CloudSphere.

The CloudSphere team is thrilled to announce the CloudSphere Cyber Asset Management Platform is now integrated with Microsoft Azure Migrate, making it easier and faster to complete cloud transformations.

Whether spurred by the pandemic or simply a desire to modernize and take advantage of the scalability, flexibility and services from multiple cloud providers, organizations continue to gravitate toward multi-cloud strategies.

Yet updating complicated business services like ERP systems and other services with legacy architecture makes the road to cloud migration long, bumpy and full of twists and turns. Organizations must consider which business services should move to the cloud, their placement in each environment, and the cost of migration and management. All of these factors are difficult or impossible to evaluate without a true understanding of the organization’s existing infrastructure and all application dependencies.

CloudSphere empowers organizations to safely harness the power of the cloud by offering agentless, top-down enterprise business service graphing which dramatically accelerates the planning process and improves migration outcomes. CloudSphere minimizes the risk of migrations with accurate cost planning and modernization recommendations, and improved cloud transformation ROI by simplifying the migration of complex, high value cyber assets. Once in the cloud, the CloudSphere Cyber Asset Management platform provides ongoing optimization and security posture management for these important cloud assets.

Now that we have achieved Microsoft Azure Migrate integration, Azure customers can access CloudSphere directly from Azure Migrate, and our agentless solution will provide comprehensive business service discovery and dependency mapping intel as well as a streamlined and optimized migration plan.

For more detail, see how we are working with the Microsoft Solution Assessments here.



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