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Coro Unveils 3.0: World's First Modular Cybersecurity Platform for Midmarket

Coro has recently unveiled Coro 3.0, branding it as the world's first modular cybersecurity platform. This new offering presents a novel approach for midmarket businesses to handle cybersecurity, combining various security functions into a single, comprehensive solution. Traditional methods typically involve multiple, complex, and costly tools, but Coro 3.0 brings together 14 integrated modules – ranging from EDR and SASE to email security – in a unified package that can be activated as needed.

The platform is designed to simplify cybersecurity implementation with its "single pane of glass" approach, utilizing one endpoint agent and a unified data engine for easy configuration and management across all security modules. Coro's solution is aimed at reducing the operational burden and closing security gaps that often arise from using multiple tools.

Guy Moskowitz, CEO of Coro, emphasized that midmarket companies, which form a significant part of the U.S. economy, often lack the budget and resources for comprehensive cybersecurity. These companies, typically having 200 to 2000 employees, are frequently targeted in cyberattacks due to their limited cybersecurity capabilities. Coro 3.0 aims to address this gap by providing a modular, manageable, and affordable solution.

Coro 3.0's architecture integrates protection across six critical domains – cloud apps, endpoints, email, sensitive data, network, and users. Its 14 security modules, including endpoint protection, EDR, and VPN, are designed for easy scalability and interoperability. The platform boasts an AI-driven data engine for threat remediation, a unified user interface, and the convenience of activating or deactivating modules with a single click.

Dave Gruber, Principal Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group, noted the challenges mid-sized organizations face in implementing effective security programs with limited resources. He highlighted the importance of all-in-one solutions like Coro for simplifying security operations.

Coro's pricing structure is also notable. Individual modules start at $4 per user/month, and the full suite of 14 modules is available for under $18.00 per user/month, significantly lower than comparable solutions costing between $49-$115 per user/month. This pricing strategy positions Coro as a cost-effective solution for midmarket companies looking to strengthen their cybersecurity posture.


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