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Critical Start Unveils Asset Visibility for Enhanced Cybersecurity Management

Critical Start, a top provider of Managed Detection and Response (MDR) and Managed Cyber Risk Reduction (MCRR), has rolled out their latest offering, Asset Visibility. This new tool is designed to bolster organizations' security programs by improving asset detection, validating security controls, and pinpointing risk exposure areas.

In the dynamic landscape of cyber risk management, businesses are constantly grappling with the challenge of utilizing their existing technology effectively while managing costs. Critical Start's 2023 Cyber Risk Landscape Peer Report reveals a staggering 90% of organizations struggle with continuous security monitoring, a key factor in understanding and mitigating risk exposure.

Aimed at empowering security teams, Critical Start has integrated Endpoint Security Coverage Gaps within its standard MDR service at no additional cost. This feature is pivotal in identifying gaps in endpoint security, thus ensuring effective threat detection and containment by the Security Operations Center (SOC).

For clients seeking advanced asset visibility and management, Critical Start offers Asset Visibility as an independent module. This service aligns with the company's Cyber Risk Dashboard, which provides Risk-Ranked Reduction Recommendations based on a comprehensive analysis of a customer's security posture.

Chris Carlson, Chief Product Officer at Critical Start, emphasizes the importance of proactivity in cybersecurity: "Our customers are increasingly seeking proactive approaches. Our MCRR services, including the new Asset Visibility tool, are responses to this need. It's a significant step in risk reduction, offering a deeper understanding of protected assets within their environment."

By including proactive capabilities like Endpoint Security Coverage Gaps in their MDR offering at no extra cost, Critical Start not only enhances value but also provides customers with the option to incorporate Asset Visibility into their security program, all within the Critical Start ecosystem. This strategic addition marks a significant advancement in the company's commitment to enabling organizations to manage cybersecurity risks more effectively.


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