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CybelAngel Expands Cloud Coverage for Data Breach Prevention

CybelAngel, a global leader in digital risk protection, today announced the most comprehensive Data Breach Prevention in the Cloud service, offering unmatched scanning capabilities, detecting data leaking from the top three Cloud storage providers, AWS S3 Buckets, Google Cloud Storage and Azure Blob Storage. As the past year changed the way organizations work, and blended work and personal productivity, sensitive information faces compounding exposure risks as it lives in cloud services and applications. CybelAngel’s announcement offers the opportunity to secure cloud infrastructures and monitor for data exposure better than ever before.

As the use of Cloud storage continues to increase, CybelAngel allows customers to monitor, detect and secure exposed data to protect secrets across the extended supply chain with the following new or improved capabilities:

  • Unmatched Scanning Capabilities: CybelAngel scans publicly accessible Cloud buckets, including AWS S3 Buckets, Google Cloud Storage and Azure Blob Storage, at the file-path level for critical documents. In addition, CybelAngel scans Databases at the record-level, code-sharing platforms, file-sharing platforms and SaaS project management tools.

  • Fastest time-to-detection for databases, with the scanning speed under 24 hours.

  • Zero False Positives: Through unique Machine Learning filtering and pre-contextualization, CybelAngel leverages the biggest dataset on the market to apply Machine Learning algorithms that automatically discard 99.5% of the alerts as true negative or non-critical true positives.

  • Rapid Remediation: With Potential Data Leaker Identification, CybelAngel cyber-analysts swiftly investigate true positives to identify the origin of the event, so remediation is a matter of a few hours only.

“Cloud storage is a necessary part of the digital transformation we are seeing,” said Camille Charaudeau, Vice President of Product Strategy at CybelAngel. “There is no true data breach prevention without wide coverage of Cloud storage vendors, and CybelAngel can offer that. As the digital world continues to transform, we are leading the space to secure critical data, brand and reputation.”

Offering the most comprehensive Cloud coverage for Data Breach Prevention, and the fastest time-to-detection for databases, with the scanning speed under 24 hours, CybelAngel offers an unmatched ability for customers to secure their cloud infrastructures and monitor them for data exposure.

“With CybelAngel, we establish a new border of detection outside of our architecture, encompassing the world of our partners and suppliers, where we can’t, by design, take control of their security,” said Jean-Yves Poichotte, Global Head of IS Security for CybelAngel customer, Sanofi.

Contact CybelAngel to learn more about Data Breach Prevention in the Cloud and download more information on our solution here.

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