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Cybersecurity Experts Provide Top Tips: Secure Your Home Network and Take Control of Data Privacy

For Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we recently heard from cybersecurity expert Amber Lindell, Director of Cyber Strategy & GRC at MorganFranklin Consulting. Lindell underscored the need for individuals to be proactive guardians of their own data privacy, encouraging them to opt out of unnecessary data sharing and question the necessity of data collection by businesses.

We also gained valuable data privacy tips from Jeff Johnson, Manager of Security Operations at MorganFranklin Consulting, who emphasized the importance of segregating your home Wi-Fi networks for enhanced security. He advised creating separate networks for 'smart' devices and personal devices to safeguard against potential vulnerabilities associated with unsupported or outdated 'smart' gadgets. Jeff Johnson, Manager, Security Operations at MorganFranklin Consulting:

“As a cybersecurity expert, I often advise individuals to establish two separate Wi-Fi networks in their homes: one for 'smart' devices and one for personal devices like laptops and PCs. The reason behind this recommendation is simple: 'smart' devices, especially those no longer supported by manufacturers or from companies that have ceased to exist, can pose security risks. These devices often lack security updates, making them vulnerable to cyber threats. By creating separate networks, you can effectively isolate these devices from your personal information on your PCs. The good news is that many modern routers support multiple networks, including a guest network, making it a relatively straightforward setup. This simple precaution can significantly enhance your home network's security, protecting your personal data and devices from potential vulnerabilities associated with 'smart' devices.”

Amber Lindell, Director, Cyber Strategy & GRC at MorganFranklin Consulting

“When it comes to your personal Data Privacy, be your own champion.

  • When in doubt, opt-out. Do you really need to be on an email blast daily for pet supplies? Probably not. Remember you are allowing that company to use and store your data to their advantage, not yours. If they were compromised by a lack of data security, then you are compromised as well.

  • Get comfortable with saying, ‘No thank you’. Everywhere we shop, we are asked, ‘What phone number or email is registered?’ Here’s your chance to speak up and say, ‘No thank you.’ Congratulations, you just took ownership of your own personal data. There is no reason for the shop to have such personal information. When you provide personal data, you are allowing them to use and store your personal information.

  • Champions needed: Data is very valuable and needs to be protected as such. Every week we read about another data breach or class action lawsuit about data compromises. Every chance we get we should consider how we can better protect ourselves. Question why your data is being collected and is it necessary. If it is necessary, then be sure to read through the terms and conditions and see if there is an ‘opt out’ option.”



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