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Cygilant Advances Endpoint Security Solution for Quicker Threat Detection and Automated Response

Cygilant, provider of Cybersecurity-as-a-Service to mid-sized organizations, recently announced key innovative enhancements to its Endpoint Security Solution. The next generation of Cygilant Endpoint Security, Version 2.0, adds an active response feature that automates threat detection and response on suspicious activity detected on network endpoints. The newly released capabilities ensure that companies are fully protecting their distributed and remote networks from sophisticated attackers especially during the shift to remote work due to the global pandemic.

Cygilant Endpoint Security, released in April, helps detect intrusion attempts on the host by looking for hidden processes, files, ports and known rootkits. The agent-based solution collects real-time security data from a company’s critical assets, detects suspicious files, services, and other activity – and then streams alerts to the 24x7 Cygilant Security Operations Center (SOC) for further investigation and action.

Now with active response, when the agent detects anomalous behavior it triggers an automated response to run a specific command based on the severity of the activity. Cygilant will provide default scripts that are customizable to fit every customer’s specific security needs. By automating the response and allowing the agent to take action 24x7, Cygilant Endpoint Security can detect suspicious activity faster and immediately stop malware or breach attempts originating from workstations or servers.

“Attackers are becoming increasingly more sophisticated and are mimicking legitimate traffic that is difficult for organizations of any size to spot before it’s too late,” said Kevin Landt, vice president of product management at Cygilant. “With the addition of active response to our endpoint security solution, Cygilant can prevent malware from causing damage during off-hours almost instantaneously, giving organizations the peace of mind that their networks are being protected 24x7.”

Cygilant Endpoint Security is a cost-effective solution that is included as a part of the company’s Security as a Service offering. By combining endpoint security with network intrusion detection, event log monitoring and threat intelligence, companies gain a single dashboard view of their entire cybersecurity posture through Cygilant’s state-of-the-art SOCVue Platform providing them the visibility they need to protect their networks.

October is also National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM) and Cygilant will be participating by providing practical advice, tips and insight throughout the month that align with this year’s theme “Do Your Part. #BeCyberSmart.”

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About Cygilant

Cygilant protects mid-sized organizations from the latest cybersecurity threats through a combination of automated tools and personalized advice. The company provides dedicated Cybersecurity Advisors (CSAs), who work directly with customers as an extension of their team; global 24×7 Security Operation Centers (SOCs), which constantly monitor customers’ networks using the latest threat hunting, detection, patch management and incident response technologies; and its SOCVue Platform, which consolidates multiple streams of security data to help detect and respond to threats faster. For more information about how Cybersecurity-as-a-Service can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your security team, please visit, read the company blog, and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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