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DataSecOps Innovator Satori Launches Self-Service Data Access

Satori, a DataSecOps company revolutionizing data access, security and privacy for the modern data infrastructure, today announced Self-Service Data Access. The new capability democratizes workflows for enterprise data access requests from a three-week, IT-driven process to a five-minute, self-directed operation, while preserving permission, authentication and security policies.

“Granting and revoking access to data is a big headache for data engineers in most organizations, and an unnecessary delay in data access for analysts,” said Yoav Cohen, CTO and co-founder of Satori. “Our new Self-Service Data Access automates the entire data access process from the access request, triggered by an analyst, through review and approval by the data steward to automatic access revocation when the data is no longer used or needed. The efficiency gains are enormous, cutting what typically takes weeks into a few minutes, while maintaining security and privacy policies.”

Today, enterprise data access requires data consumers to create an IT work-order and wait in the backlog queue of busy database administrators and engineers. The main reason for the long turnarounds on access requests is that they require code and ad-hoc configurations such as database views, complex user and role permissions and various infrastructure changes. The entire process is lengthy, manual, risky and difficult to manage.

With the new Satori Self-Service Data Access capability, data engineers can implement self-service data access workflows. These define which users can access which datasets and put data access control in the hands of data stewards who control data access through an easy-to-manage user interface and notifications-based workflows. These changes can be implemented without changing existing infrastructure or authentication schemes.

The Self-Service Data Access capability is now available for anyone using Satori.

Satori was recently named one of 10 finalists for the RSA Conference 2021 Innovation Sandbox Contest for its work democratizing and protecting sensitive data in the cloud using a SaaS-based transparent setup.

Satori allows monitoring and governing of data usage and data access in the cloud. Many organizations are challenged with barriers to identifying sensitive data, monitoring data usage, and enforcing security, privacy and compliance policies. Satori’s platform addresses these challenges through an integrated, automated and scalable solution. Satori can enforce regulations such as GDPR and CCPA, meet compliance requirements for data access auditing and control such as SOC2 and HIPAA, and provide full visibility and control of sensitive data usage across all enterprise data stores.

Satori has also been named as a SC Media 2021 Trust Award Finalist and a winner in over 10 categories for the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards, including Most Innovative Cybersecurity Company.

To learn more, read our in-depth blog about Satori’s new Self-Service Data Access capability and register for a live online demonstration hosted by Satori on June 3, 2021, or visit



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