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Dig Security Launches Advanced Data Security Platform, Bolstering Protection for LLMs

Dig Security has introduced significant upgrades to its Dig Data Security Platform, focusing on securing Large Language Model (LLM) architectures. This enhancement enables customers to safely train and deploy LLMs while upholding data security, privacy, and compliance standards. The platform allows organizations to retain visibility and control over data used for relevant AI models, preventing inadvertent data exposure during the model training and deployment process. |

With Large Language Models becoming more prevalent, enterprises are exploring various use cases that involve feeding proprietary data to these models, moving beyond conventional chatbots. While this promises significant benefits, it also poses security and compliance risks, particularly if the data used for training or fine-tuning contains sensitive information.

Dan Benjamin, Co-Founder, and CEO of Dig Security, highlighted the rise of generative AI as the prominent tech trend of 2023. He stressed the importance of addressing the security challenges associated with training and deploying LLMs and generative AI, especially when these tools have access to enterprise data. Dig Security aims to empower enterprises to innovate securely while ensuring data privacy and compliance.

To address the risks of sensitive data exposure, Dig has incorporated a range of cloud data security capabilities into the Dig Data Security Platform. The platform allows customers to monitor the data going into AI models, scan databases and detect sensitive data access, identify potential AI-related risks before model training, and map all AI actors with access to sensitive data. Additionally, Dig's agentless solution comprehensively covers the entire cloud environment, detecting shadow data and models running on unmanaged cloud infrastructure.

These advancements build on Dig's recent addition of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capabilities to the platform, making it the first DSPM solution to support OCR for image classification. The Dig Data Security Platform uniquely combines DSPM, data loss prevention (DLP), and real-time data detection and response (DDR) capabilities, offering enterprises immediate insights through its cloud-native solution, which requires minimal setup time and maintenance while providing automated response capabilities at scale. ###


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