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Exabeam Unveils AI-Driven Cybersecurity Enhancements: Threat Center and Exabeam Copilot

In an era where cybersecurity threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated, Exabeam, a leader in the cybersecurity domain, has announced the launch of two groundbreaking features: Threat Center and Exabeam Copilot. These additions to the Exabeam Security Operations Platform are designed to revolutionize how security operations centers (SOCs) detect, investigate, and respond to threats, leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance analyst productivity and efficiency.

Steve Wilson, Exabeam's Chief Product Officer, emphasized the transformative impact of these innovations, stating, "We built Threat Center with Exabeam Copilot to give security analysts a simple, central interface to execute their most critical TDIR functions, automate routine tasks, and supercharge investigations for analysts at any skill level." This dual-feature launch is poised to redefine the landscape of cybersecurity operations by providing a unified workbench for threat detection, investigation, and response (TDIR) and a generative AI assistant that streamlines the understanding and management of active threats.

The introduction of Threat Center and Exabeam Copilot comes in response to the pressing challenges faced by security teams today, including the management of disparate security tools and the ensuing lack of visibility and automation. Exabeam's The State of Threat Detection, Investigation, and Response (TDIR) Report 2023 highlights these issues, revealing that organizations can monitor only 66% of their IT environments, leaving significant blind spots. Furthermore, a mere 53% of organizations have automated half or less of their TDIR workflow, underscoring the critical need for more integrated and automated solutions.

Threat Center addresses these challenges head-on by offering a centralized platform that streamlines threat management, investigation, and response processes. It combines threat detection, powerful search capabilities, and automation tools to help analysts efficiently manage and mitigate threats. Exabeam Copilot enhances this offering by providing AI-driven insights and recommendations, enabling analysts to quickly understand threats and determine the most effective response strategies.

Colin Anderson, Chief Information Security Officer at Dayforce, lauded the potential of these features, noting, "Threat Center will save analysts countless hours by enabling SOC analysts to work from one single interface performing investigations and taking actions against identified threats." Similarly, Lindbergh Caldeira, Cyber Security Operations Manager at SA Power Networks, and Carl Scaffidi, Chief Information Security Officer at VyStar Credit Union, expressed their enthusiasm for the streamlined context and actionable insights provided by these tools, highlighting their impact on improving SOC efficiency and response times.

In addition to bolstering threat detection and response capabilities, Exabeam's latest offerings also enhance the value of existing security investments. The platform's integration with Microsoft Sentinel, for example, allows organizations to extend Exabeam's advanced analytics and automation features to their SIEM deployments, unlocking new potentials for their security operations.


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