Imperva® Introduces Data Privacy Solution to Help Manage Sensitive Data

Imperva, Inc., (@Imperva) the cybersecurity leader whose mission is to help organizations protect their data and all paths to it, introduces a new data privacy solution to help organizations discover, identify and protect personal data in any on-prem, cloud, hybrid and multi-cloud environment.

It has been years since the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was first introduced. Over that period, concerns over personal data privacy and security have grown dramatically and individuals worldwide are exercising their rights on how organizations handle their personal data. Today, more than 107 countries have enacted data privacy or protection laws including the right to be forgotten, the right to know what data they have, the right to rectify errors, and the right to port personal data. For organizations that operate in multiple jurisdictions, managing Data Subject Access Requests (DSAR) is a daunting operational challenge. Industry experts estimate that manually processing these requests can cost upwards of $240,000 per million records.

“Despite the adoption of specific data privacy compliance software, many end users still struggle with the manual processes associated with data privacy compliance,” says Ryan O’Leary, IDC Privacy Analyst. “Some of the core processes and foundational tasks of data privacy compliance do not need to be manual, and vendors that are looking to gain share need to focus on enabling clients to easily automate aspects such as data discovery, mapping, DSAR fulfillment.”

Imperva Data Privacy brings Imperva’s expertise in database discovery, data classification, and sensitive data management to ease the challenging task of identifying all the places personal data is stored in an environment, and who and what is accessing it. Imperva Data Privacy is built on the Imperva Sonar platform, making the solution easy to implement and manage, so that companies do not have to hire new teams to stay on top of expanding regulations. With the newly added data privacy solution, the Imperva Sonar Platform can streamline data privacy compliance and protection, as well as minimize the manual processes required to maintain continuous compliance. New features help:

  • Simplify and automate the manual process of personal data identification and data classification;

  • Expand the scope of DSAR fulfillment across