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Incode Technologies and Carahsoft Forge Alliance to Strengthen Identity Verification Solutions

In a strategic move aimed at fortifying identity verification and authentication capabilities in the Public Sector, Incode Technologies Inc., a pioneer in this arena, has joined forces with Carahsoft Technology Corp., a prominent Government IT solutions provider. The partnership is set to empower government agencies with enhanced identity verification solutions and improved accessibility through streamlined procurement processes.

Under this collaboration, Carahsoft is positioned as Incode Technologies’ Master Government Aggregator®. The aim is to extend the reach of Incode's cutting-edge identity verification solutions to the Public Sector by leveraging Carahsoft's extensive network of reseller partners and established contracts, including the National Association of State Procurement Officials (NASPO) ValuePoint, National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance (NCPA), and OMNIA Partners agreements.

Ricardo Amper, the CEO and founder of Incode, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership. He stated that the agreement with Carahsoft would facilitate broader access to Incode's omnichannel biometric identity solutions, addressing identity fraud concerns and enhancing equitable access to services within the Public Sector.

Incode's identity verification technology is privacy-centric and caters to diverse demographics. It ensures data security, manages remote identities at scale, and provides seamless access to services for all constituents. The Incode Omni platform, which focuses on remote identity verification and risk assessment, boasts three key capabilities:

  1. Document authentication: Recognizing and validating ID documents, and performing authenticity tests.

  2. Passive liveness: Offering NIST-certified passive liveness, eliminating the need for user actions.

  3. Facial recognition: Featuring top-notch accuracy and speed, as evaluated by NIST.

Notably, Incode Omni's design emphasizes privacy and security while delivering a frictionless user experience. The technology's accuracy is backed by NIST verification, utilizing machine learning and artificial intelligence for efficient, human-independent operations.

By providing swift and reliable identity verification solutions, Carahsoft aims to contribute to the fight against fraud in the Public Sector, ensuring the protection and accessibility of vital Government resources. ###


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