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Jamf Launches Robust Security Solution for Chromebooks Used in Schools

Jamf, a technology management platform for Apple devices, has launched Jamf Safe Internet for Chromebook, a content filtering and web security solution for education. The software is designed to ensure that students have a safe and secure online learning environment from the moment they unbox their device.

Jamf Safe Internet allows teachers and IT admins to customize and create the level of content control that fits each class and can prevent harmful and inappropriate content from reaching student devices. Additionally, the software can enforce Google SafeSearch and YouTube Restricted Mode, which are ideal for schools leveraging Google products for learning experiences.

The administrative console is streamlined with workflows built specifically for schools, and students log in to a Chromebook with their Google Workspace for Education account and immediately have group or age group specific browsing policies applied. Jamf has also signed the Student Privacy Pledge to protect the information of students, parents and teachers in schools.

This launch is the latest in a series of security innovations brought to market by Jamf and Google. As part of the Google BeyondCorp Alliance, Jamf customers can ensure only secure and compliant devices are accessing corporate resources. These capabilities provide companies of all sizes the security needed to empower a remote workforce. Building on top of Google's robust suite of APIs for the enterprise with Jamf Connect, Application Lifecycle Management with Chrome browser and Google Workspace applications, Jamf continues to be the strategic choice for organizations offering trusted access to end-user devices.

According to Suraj Mohandas, Vice President of Strategy at Jamf, with technology now firmly embedded in the student experience, there is a growing need for digital safety across all devices to eliminate cyberattacks and prevent students from accessing unsafe content. Jamf's solutions historically have been built for the Apple ecosystem, but the goal has always been to empower safe student learning from whichever device they have access to. With Jamf's best-in-class network threat prevention and a vast content-filtering database, students can now safely learn online from anywhere, whether they are using Apple devices or Chromebooks.


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