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Kasada Named 2021 TAG Cyber Distinguished Vendor

Kasada, provider of the only online traffic integrity solution that accurately detects and defends against bot attacks, today announced its selection by leading market research and advisory firm TAG Cyber as a Distinguished Vendor in the Q1 2021 Security Quarterly.

“We are proud to feature Sam Crowther and his team at Kasada in the TAG Cyber Security Quarterly,” said Ed Amoroso, CEO, and Founder, TAG Cyber. “The company’s support is invaluable to us, and its work in malicious bot defense and threat intelligence is such an important element of cyber security, helping companies protect their online business and the sanctity of the internet.”

Kasada accurately detects and defends web, mobile, and API channels against attacks from malicious bots, which have become one of the biggest threats to online businesses. The company has pioneered a new approach to bot mitigation, applying a zero-trust philosophy that detects and stops the most advanced persistent bots from the very first request, including those never seen before.

Kasada’s solution presents requests with a series of increasingly difficult cryptographic challenges, effectively inflicting damage on attackers by making automated attacks expensive to conduct. Proprietary, dynamic obfuscation deters reverse engineering and ensures the solution remains as effective years from now as it is on day one.

“We’re excited to be included in the Quarterly and to work with the TAG team to provide unbiased research to the security community,” said Sam Crowther, CEO and Founder of Kasada. “TAG Cyber has been a great partner in highlighting our ability to be a game-changer for online businesses overrun with bot activity that hurts their performance and the user experience they present.”

The 2021 Security Quarterly is part of a series from TAG Cyber that has been published each year since 2016. The publication offers expert guidance, analysis, and education across the entire cyber security ecosystem.

Kasada is part of an industry collective supporting democratization of cyber security research and information. Each Distinguished Vendor was selected by the TAG Cyber analyst team and agrees to support and promote the publication for free, available today for download here.

About TAG Cyber

TAG Cyber is a market research and advisory firm disrupting the pay-to-play, one-size-fits-all traditional analyst engagement mode. TAG Cyber delivers unfiltered and unbiased cyber security research, advisory, and consulting services to Fortune 100 enterprises, government agencies, and security vendors.

About Kasada

Kasada provides the only online traffic integrity solution that accurately detects and defends against bot attacks across web, mobile, and API channels. With Kasada, trust in the internet is restored by foiling even the stealthiest cyber threats, from credential abuse to data scraping. The solution invisibly stops automated threats while inflicting financial damage to attackers, destroying their ROI. With the ability to onboard in minutes, Kasada ensures immediate and long-lasting protection while empowering enterprises with optimal online activity. Kasada is based in New York and Sydney, with offices in Melbourne, San Francisco, and London.


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