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LogicHub Launches Free SOAR Edition of its Advanced Automation Platform

Leading security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) and managed detection and response (MDR) provider LogicHub today announced the availability of the LogicHub Free SOAR Edition of its award-winning automation platform. The new offering enables security teams to start using LogicHub SOAR to automate critical but time consuming and repetitive processes, thereby eliminating hours of costly human effort and potential mistakes while freeing up SOC personnel to handle additional tasks.. “Companies across the globe are embracing automation as a means to get more done in less time,” said Ryan Thomas, VP of Product Management at LogicHub. “The LogicHub Free SOAR edition will allow any SOC personnel to quickly develop automations that save them significant amounts of time by eliminating manual, repetitive tasks. There are time consuming activities that SOC analysts do for every alert or incident they investigate, but writing code to automate them can be difficult. Our SOAR solution addresses these challenges by allowing the automations to be developed in minutes without writing any code.” As more security analysts take advantage of automation in their security efforts, detection and response activities can become more efficient and effective, helping SOC teams handle the critical labor shortage in the security industry, and freeing expert analysts for higher-level work. The LogicHub Free SOAR Edition is available to any user in the US and Canada with a valid corporate email address. Upon registration, the user receives access to a dedicated cloud-based instance of the LogicHub SOAR platform. The system includes step-by-step instructions and videos for users to create playbooks to automate common scenarios such as alert triage, data enrichment, and phishing response. More experienced users can create custom playbooks to handle automations of any complexity.

The LogicHub Free SOAR Edition enables security professionals to:

  • Build automation playbooks in 30 minutes or less with easy-to-follow templates and step-by-step instructions and videos

  • Create and test any number of playbooks

  • Run one playbook in production for an unlimited time

  • Manage up to 10 cases per day

  • Have two admin users

  • Get expert assistance to help build custom playbooks

  • Access online support



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