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More Than 40% of Companies Face Revenue Declines Due to Technology Downtime, Complexities

A recent survey conducted by Hitachi Vantara, the subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd., reveals that 55% of enterprises are grappling with challenges in deriving valuable insights from their data. This highlights a pressing industry-wide need for more efficient technology delivery across various domains. The survey, titled "Embracing ITaaS For Adaptability and Growth," involved 213 IT leaders from North America and Europe, focusing on IT as a Service (ITaaS) with an emphasis on subscription- and consumption-based models.

The study exposed significant hurdles associated with legacy infrastructure, negatively impacting businesses:

  • 56% reported substantial revenue impacts due to technology downtime.

  • 50% faced high total cost of ownership (TCO) or technical debt linked to critical applications.

  • 45% encountered difficulties navigating complex cloud environments.

Gary Lyng, Vice President of Product and Solutions at Hitachi Vantara, emphasized the pivotal role of IT in the digital age, serving as a driving force for innovation and collaboration. "In today's digital age, IT is not just a department; it’s a driving force that propels progress. It enables enterprises to innovate, collaborate, and flourish amid ever-evolving technology,” said Lyng. “But complexity is hindering innovation, which emphasizes the need for trusted specialists to simplify setup for seamless access to data and applications. Our expertise in storage and digital infrastructure and pay-as-you-go solutions rights the ship for struggling enterprises, maximizing value and the overall return on their investment."

The study also highlighted the increasing adoption of ITaaS, with 42% of leaders expanding its use. This approach allows IT leaders to shift from capital budgets to operating costs, resulting in a 20% average reduction in TCO. Furthermore, ITaaS is anticipated to witness growth across various infrastructure categories, with 56% of respondents currently using it for all primary infrastructure, expected to rise to 86% within three years.

Survey Reveals Over Half of Enterprises Struggle with Data Insights, Underscoring Need for Efficient Technology DeliveryThe survey emphasized the importance of selecting the right ITaaS partner, considering factors like expertise in hybrid and multicloud strategies, seamless technology service integration, and support for faster innovation.


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